Uses for MORS

  • MORS is a recovery-based outcome tool that can help all levels of mental health systems answer the question:  Are we offering effective services that are helping individuals to achieve more meaningful lives? 
  • MORS helps mental health systems be able to measure success at a time when the demand for behavioral health care is increasing and government funding is under increasing pressure.
  • MORS paints a clear picture of what the recovery process actually looks like.  It provides the reliable data needed to communicate with funders and the public about the importance of recovery-centered behavioral health care.
  • MORS establishes a common language for recovery that allows system administrators to track individual flow through the system making it easier to determine an individual’s most appropriate and cost-effective level of care. 


Uses for Clients and Staff 

  • MORS is quick and easy to use and gives busy staff a measure of the people with whom the work. 
  • MORS data show staff how individuals are actually doing, helping them pinpoint barriers and concentrate on measurable objectives.
  • MORS can be used as a tool that helps both individuals and staff see a picture of what an individual’s recovery process looks like and often leads to discussions that boost individuals’ involvement in their own recovery.
  • MORS measures the parts of individual’s lives such as meaningful roles and relationships, that are generally the most important to individuals themselves.


Uses for Supervisors and Managers 

  • MORS data helps supervisors and team leaders make decisions about team structure and how to assign balanced caseloads to staff.
  • MORS allows program managers to look at different teams’ data side by side and evaluate how different recovery approaches are yielding different results.
  • MORS makes it easy for team leaders to track results by individual staff or by the team as a whole.
  • MORS promotes an ongoing team commitment to recovery-oriented services and helps focus team meetings around individuals’ recovery goals. 
  • MORS helps leaders match individuals with appropriate levels of care so that the less engaged individuals don’t fall through the cracks.


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