MHALA offers a diverse range of training products to support your programs’ use of the MORS.  “Introduction to MORS” training is required for any staff using the MORS to rate the recovery of the clients with whom they work.  Additional trainings for management and staff are available to fully integrate MORS into your program and/or agency.


How much does MORS Training Cost?

MORS training rates are based on the number of people to be trained (a maximum of 50 per session) and related travel costs. More information about costs is available by contacting us.


Are there ongoing fees for using the MORS?

There are no ongoing fees to use the MORS in practice. There is the requirement that all users of the instrument are trained in its use by licensed MORS trainers.


Can I become a MORS trainer?

The option to become a Licensed MORS Trainer is most appropriate for large systems looking to train more than 500 users on the MORS. To discuss this option please contact us.

Intro to MORS training

Required for all staff who will use MORS to rate clients, and a thorough introduction for managers and administrators, Introduction to MORS Training primarily focuses on teaching participants how to use the MORS to apply ratings the to recovery journies of the individuals they serve.  Introduction to MORS is a three-hour training for up to 50 people that covers the history and creation of MORS, in depth exploration of the three components to consider when deciding on a MORS rating, and the MORS logic model/process used to decide on MORS ratings for individual clients. Pricing for smaller and larger groups of people is available, for more information please Contact Us.


Using MORS in Practice Training

A highly recommended add-on to the Introduction to MORS Training, Using MORS in Practice training is an additional three-hour training held immediately after Introduction to MORS.  MHALA MORS Trainers will guide teams through the process of applying the baseline milestones to actual clients they work with.  Initial discussions about potential interventions based on MORS ratings will also be discussed.  Priced starting at $1500* as a same day add-on to the Introduction to MORS training, for more information please Contact Us.

Becoming a Licensed MORS Trainer

For larger systems expecting to train more than 500 people, a Train the Trainer option is available.  Future MORS trainers are people with direct service experience who have been trained in how to use the MORS, have a strong understanding of and passion for the MORS, and have teaching/training expertise.  The Train the Trainer process includes classroom training, practice work, and co-training with MHA Trainers.  Priced individually, for more information please Contact Us.