TAY Immersion Training

The TAY Immersion training is a customized workshop consisting of classes designed to immerse participants in the principles and practices of Transitional Age Youth services. It is based on the principles of recovery, psychosocial rehabilitation and community integration and their practical applications.  Some of the topics covered are:

    * ·    Understanding what it means to "meet a young adult where they are"
    * ·    Determining service/treatment based on abilities and strengths
    * ·    Having high expectations aligned with high support
    * ·    Using normalized rather than institutional settings
    * ·    Focusing on overall wellness & health rather than on illness and symptoms
    * ·    Mentoring and creating supportive relationships

Workshop topics: Why You Work in TAY, Program History & Structure, Stages of TAY, Student Panel, Welcoming, Meeting Students Where They Are, Facing Facts, Housing, Employment, Ethics, and Moving on

Training Environment

The training is conducted at two locations: MHA TAY Academy in Long Beach, CA and MHA Antelope Valley Enrichment Services in Lancaster, CA; and will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each training day.  Participants should be prepared to sit in a classroom, go on a walking tour of the building, participate in some field activity, and potentially visit some nearby service centers over the course of the two days.

Who should participate in the training?

The training is recommended for staff at multiple levels.  In addition to line staff and direct service workers, program leaders who are responsible for program design should especially attend as they can assist system change better when they understand the recovery process.  Line staff can be better recovery workers when they are supported by administrators who have a shared vision.

Participants can be staff, supervisors, administrators, mental health and adult system of care directors, and partners (including housing providers and law enforcement).

Dates: Usually scheduled specifically for your group, please contact us to coordinate

Cost: varies dependent upon the program designed for your needs, and is based on a per person rate.  This tuition covers the cost of training only and does not cover lodging, transportation, or meals.

Location: MHA TAY Academy, 2025 E 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804.  MHA TAY Academy is located just outside of Downtown Long Beach, California.  MHA Antelope Valley Enrichment Services, 506 W Jackman, Lancaster, CA.  MHA Antelope Valley Enrichment services is located off Sierra Highway in the emerging rural community of Antelope Valley.

Important Contact Information:

Kristina Esquivel, Training and Workforce Development Specialist
562-285-1330 x1051, kesquivel@mhala.org