Thank you for your interest in the Recovery Oriented Leadership Training.

Many of us are using the powerful principles and practices of recovery as a treatment modality.  What if we have missed what is right in front of us--what if recovery is for us too?

The intensive, paradigm-shifting seminar, Recovery Oriented Leadership, asks a fundamental question: What would happen if we took those very same treatment principles and established a culture of recovery in all aspects of our programs?

Presented in five modules and through the use of dialogue, cutting-edge organizational assessment tools, and action planning, participants evaluate and make plans for bringing their organization into alignment with the recovery principles of increased hope, community engagement, proper use of authority, and healing.

Recovery Oriented Leadership training was created and is provided in partnership with Community Activators

The Five Modules:

1. Fostering Hope in Leaders, Employees, and Organizations

2. Community Engagement

3. Authority

4. Healing in Leaders, Other Employees, and Organizations

5. Planning for Implementation

For more information please contact us at or 562.248.6BOX (6269)