The trainers and consultants at Mental Health America of Los Angeles are service, advocacy, education, and administrative  professionals with extensive experience starting and supporting mental health service programs, advising systems, and facilitating small and large scale change.  Our training and workforce development programs are not only what we do, but also what we can help you do.

Some example consultations include:

  • curricula design & development
  • educator networking
  • program startup
  • project management & planning
  • Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS) and the Determinants of Care
  • California: mhsa (mental health services act) system & structure transformation
  • outside of California: recovery enhancement of mental health programs and systems

Whether you're looking for a startup package or some specific consultation on a focused topic we can help you from the initial planning stage to implementation and beyond.

Please contact us at or 562.248.6BOX (6269).  We look forward to speaking with you about your training and consultation needs.