Our Signature Gift Is

 penetrating the heart and igniting the mind

We Bring It By

welcoming the collective wisdom

speaking truth to power

creating "aha" moments and connections through our stories and vulnerabilities

 inviting others to find meaning in their work


Build Your Own Box represents Mental Health America of Los Angeles' training and workforce development efforts. It grew from "thinking outside the box" which encourages unfettered creativity when attempting to wrestle with change and growth. We work in the boxes of our systems, organizations, and programs that have their own unique structures that pose both opportunties and challenges. Building your own box recognizes those differences and promotes an adoption and incorporation of principles and practices of recovery based on hope, empowerment, self responsibility, and meaningful roles into our work to help those we serve.

Please look through the pages of our website to see how our training and workforce development and consultation offerings could benefit you, your organization, your system as you build your own box of recovery guided practice.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at buildyourownbox@mhala.org or call 562-248-6BOX (6269).